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How to apply the recommendations of the Management Commission in your day-to-day management

3 Challenges about the Management Commission

The Management Commission's recommendations have put leadership on the agenda and put up for debate. We spoke with Region Zealand Regional Director Per Bennetsen and Roskilde Municipality Director and Chairman of the Association of Municipal Directors Henrik Kolind and got their views on three key challenges in connection with the recommendations.

The recommendations of the Management Commission have succeeded in putting management on the agenda, and they are being discussed merrily all around. Of course, mostly in the public sector, but the relevance of the recommendations can certainly also be translated into a private context.

As a follow-up to the Management Commission's launch of the 7 recommendations in June 2018, Djøf, FOA, DSR, KL, Danish Regions, the Medical Association and the Association of Municipal Directors have initiated 5 debates on the Management Commission's recommendations. We were present at the 4th debate on 9 October at the RUC — and in this article we will take forward some of the main points from the discussions. Per Bennetsen, Regional Director in Region Zealand and Henrik Kolind, Municipal Director of Roskilde Municipality and Chairman of the Association of Municipal Directors, participated in the panel at the meeting. We have asked them to elaborate on their input and experiences from the debate in this article.

We delve into three challenges that were highlighted in the debate:

  1. Hierarchical management takes up too much space
  2. Leadership identity must be strong
  3. How do you start implementing the recommendations?

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