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Hail yeah! It's called doing things!
Herb Kelleher, former CEO of Southwest Airlines

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In our 6 recommendations for strategy realization targeted at top management, you will get a number of recommendations and concrete advice on how to do it in practice. The recommendations are based on our 20 years of experience, with a focus on challenging what organisations and those around them are capable of.

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We challenge what organizations and those around them are capable of

The word resonance comes from the Latin resonantia, which means echo or resonate, and is composed of re, which means' back 'or 'afresh,' and sonare, which means 'to bling'. Resonance has always been a central part of our DNA, which is why it was natural for us to take the name when we founded Resonance in 1997.

In the world of physics, resonance occurs when a system is subjected to an impact with a frequency which corresponds to the intrinsic frequency of the system. This puts the system into oscillations, which are only slightly damped, and thus a large amount of energy can be accumulated in the system, which can cause large fluctuations.

So resonance means being in tune or reverberating with something or someone — to 'swing together', have 'good chemistry', or arouse 'reverberation'.


We produce knowledge and inspiration that helps top managers, boards, politicians, employees and citizens succeed better.

Private and public cases with insight into the solutions and results we have created with our customers.
If the strategy is to be realized, top management has a crucial role — but which one? In our recommendations for strategy implementation, you will get a number of concrete advice on how to do it in practice.
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Get an insight into how top managers in some of Denmark's leading organisations operate on a day-to-day basis with their strategy.
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Insights and current perspectives on strategy and leadership from our 20 years of experience in challenging what organizations and those around them are capable of.