Politician Forum

Politicians forum

Politician forum brings together elected representatives from across municipalities, regions, the Danish Parliament and the European Parliament to discuss key cross-cutting themes.

It's about room for political leadership

It is important to work together across the board because there are challenges that cannot be solved at one level. And that requires familiarity, respect and trust in the other levels. When Politikerforum focuses on the cross-cutting, complex societal challenges, it is due to a desire to contribute to Danish politicians taking a position on how they can strengthen their opportunities to solve these challenges. But it can also increase mutual trust through greater knowledge of each other and an increased respect for each other's contribution to solving challenges. One hand should preferably know what the other hand is doing — and respect the contribution.

It is becoming increasingly necessary because society is constantly evolving towards more complexity and turbulence. What does that mean? First, there are often no known recipes for solving important problems. When you have to make policy solutions that work, there must be room for experimentation and for you to constantly learn from each other, because the conditions for success are changing rapidly. Secondly, in many cases there is a need to change pace and direction in a short time.

There are “slow” periods and then just as suddenly a need for very quick action. It requires politicians at different levels to know each other and trust each other — and to be able to exchange experiences on both what succeeded and what went wrong. Otherwise, we will not be able to act quickly and confidently together. And third, this interdependence between the political levels is becoming ever greater.


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