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Realization of Vision 2025

In close cooperation between young people, city council politicians, managers, employees, family and association representatives, the municipality has developed ideas and test actions to create life, energy and sustainability.

Esbjerg Municipality
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Rikke Vestergaard, Municipal Director
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Esbjerg Municipality is experiencing a decline in inhabitants and needs to strengthen settling and branding initiatives, for example by retaining young people studying in the town. In the realization of its Vision 2025, Esbjerg Municipality has had a desire to activate the municipal organization as a whole as well as citizens, local businesses, and associations.


The municipality has worked closely together with young people, members of the municipal council, employees, and family and association representatives to develop ideas on how to create life, energy, and sustainability. Four pilot actions were chosen to be tested on a small scale. The pilot actions were centered around strengthening the cultural and urban life of the town based on ideas and initiatives from young people. For example, the library’s bookmobile has been turned into a culture mobile that drives around the municipality facilitating a dialogue between young people on culture and activities. The ideas of the young people were followed up by financial and organizational support.


The municipality is working on creating several dynamic youth environments in which young people get the space and support needed to create cultural and social events. Apart from the culture mobile, the municipality is working on a series of ‘Get Involved in Your Community’ events in which cultural and educational institutions collaborate with young people in creating new types of events and fun competitions between the educational institutions. Simultaneously young people are working on transforming a central pedestrian street in Esbjerg into a green street characterized by sustainable urban life, e.g., in the form of recycling and green oases. The brand is strengthened by the fact that many young people become part of a local mini-influencer network where they share everyday experiences and activities on social media, inviting more people to partake in the revitalized urban and cultural life.

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